Weird Science Marvel Comics

Ep 134: Marvel Comics, Ruins of Ravencroft, Web of Venom, and Twice Baked Recordings / Weird Science Marvel Comics

January 28, 2020

Marvel, Marvel, and More Marvel!  Jim and Branden recorded the episode, but the files were corrupted, so Jim had to record again on his own.  We will pretend Branden was drunk though, right?!?!  If you want to support us and get a ton of other shows, go to our head over to our Patreon ( to get a ton more shows including our weekly Atlantis Attacks #1 & Guardians of the Galaxy #1 

  • Intro (0:00), Ruins Of Ravencroft: Dracula #1 (07:10), Web Of Venom: The Good Son #1 (30:08)
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