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Ep 101: Marvel Comics, Hulk, Savage Avengers, Future Foundation, Daredevil and More / Weird Science Marvel Comics

August 12, 2019

Marvel Comics, Marvel Comics, and more Marvel Comics! We are back!  It's a big show with 5 books, some mail and a whole lot of heart...whatever that means!  If that's not enough for you, why don't you support us and get even more shows over at our Patreon - if you do, you can listen to our weekly Marvel Comics Spotlight shows (and many more shows to boot) like this week's  Marvel Comics Patreon Spotlight Ep 24: Absolute Carnage #1 and Marvel Comics Patreon Spotlight Ep 25: Agents of Atlas #1 

  • Intro (0:00), Savage Avengers #4 (14:38), Mail #1 (32:21), Daredevil #9 (48:37), Dead Man Logan #10 (1:09:11), Mail #2 (1:17:56), Immortal Hulk #22 (1:40:44), Future Foundation #1 (1:58:52)
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  • Keywords: Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Marvel, Marvel Comics, Comics, Comic books


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